About LWDF

Living with Dignity Foundation (LWDF), the brainchild of a small group of Indian-Americans.

It was born in 2007 in New York. The core group of LWDF is comprised of some 15 volunteers with different backgrounds and discipline. This includes professionals in the fields of medicine, administration, finance, business and engineering. The core group and the Foundation enjoy the support, enthusiasm and dedication of the community at large.

The Foundation began with three very simple Philosophies :

  • Those who have been marginalized by society will ultimately hold back our progress. We thus need to help those people in order to move forward.
  • Any surplus funds of a household belong to the community- we all must donate generously.
  • To convert what is considered ‘waste’ in the Western World, like extra food, clothing, toys, medicines, etc., into much needed help in the Eastern World.

For the first few years (2007-2009), the Foundation aspires to provide funds to other pre-existing organizations in United States and India that align with the objectives of LWDF by providing goods and services to the needy.

The main areas of focus are orphanages so as to provide better opportunities to the children, general healthcare in both urban and rural areas by providing medical support, generating awareness among people regarding sanitation and training in hygiene and family planning, arranging for vocational training for women in the remote areas, vocational and skill training for the mentally and physically challenged, providing funds for Scholastic fundamentals and preparation for advanced studies and organize Seminars to raise awareness of illegal drugs and HIV among mass.

The Foundation wants to help people upgrade and improve their living condition and standard, specially the poor children who either are orphans and left to their own or have parents who unfortunately cannot contribute to their upbringing. LWDF, in its limited ways, thrives to bring smile to as many faces as possible in U.S. and India.